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Floyd Muffins Floyd Muffins

These mouthwatering delights make a savoury alternative to afternoon tea, or a great starter. Here they are served with red onion marmalade and mayonnaise.


Makes 10

437g (1lb) strong plain flour 25g (1oz) butter 225g (1/2lb) Floyd (chill & cube) 25g (1oz) fresh yeast pinch of salt 300ml (1/2 pint) lukewarm water


Sieve the flour into a bowl. Add the salt. Rub the butter into the flour, then fold in the cheese pieces. Add the yeast to the water, pour into the flour, and then mix into a dough.

Rest for 10 minutes (or possibly get on with something else, if you're not feeling too tired at this point).

Pull the dough out into ten pieces, roll into balls, then place onto a greased muffin, or scone, tray. Cook for around twenty minutes at 200°C. Cool on a wire rack. Break open, or cut, when warm (& allow the steam to envelop your olfactory system and take it to cheesy heaven), add a dollop of mayonnaise, spoon on a little red onion marmalade, then enjoy with a cup of tea, or something naughtier.