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Gimblett Cheese is currently developing a new cheese to be released in 2021 and details of availability will be released via Francis' Instagram and Twitter feeds. Either follow via the links at the foot of the page, or just check back for details.

See below for Francis' Cheese and Wine Tasting Game packs as well as details of our next Meet Your Cheesemaker event.

Gimblett's Cheese and Wine Masterclass and Challenge TBC

Deliciously interactive and deeply immersive, Gimblett's Cheese and Wine Masterclass & Challenge gives you a fun and simple tour of your palate, equipping you with new abilities to explore the flavour language of British artisan cheeses and international wines.

Gimblett's Guide to the Best of British Cheese TBC

Written to accompany the Campaign for British Artisan Cheese, Gimblett's Guide now does for British artisan cheese what wine guides have done for the best wines for years. Entries are only included after on-site interviews with cheesemakers and assessments of cheeses solely made on those provided directly by the producer, as they best intend them to taste.

Virtual Cheese and Wine Tours - England 16th April 2021

The Virtual Cheese and Wine Tours are immersive online tasting experiences hosted by Francis Gimblett, MD of Taste of the Vine and Gimblett Cheese, and author of Gimblett's Guide to the Best of British Cheese. The event will include a guest appearance by legend of English winemaking, Peter Hall of breaky Bottom. A quick pre-trip Virtual Tour of the Palate will have you primed and ready to explore the grapes, regions and vintages of English wines in series of fun and interactive challenges. And that's only half the experience. The cheese tastings and challenges are equally interactive. Because we use the very finest examples of British artisan cheese, each with its own flavour language, they tell us of the soils, climates, histories and passions of the people who bring them to you.

Gimblett's British Cheese Road Trip (4 cheeses and a signed guide) 23rd April 2021

Join Francis Gimblett for a recreation of the 100 Cheesemakers in 100 Days road trip he undertook to compile Gimblett's Guide to the Best of British Artisan Cheese. As a part of the British Cheese Weekender, you can join for free via their website (see below) or buy a pack here and you will also receive a signed copy of the guide and tasting samples of four premium British artisan cheeses to accompany the trip. You can of course just source the cheeses yourself and taste along for free. In a winter break from cheesemaking duties, Francis set himself a target of 100 days to visit his 100 top British cheesemakers in order to interview them and taste and photograph their cheeses for the guide. The cost of the undertaking meant he had to camp on the roof tent of his Land Rover, exposing him to sub-zero temperatures, floods and a hurricane, at one point requiring an army rescue in the Brecon Beacons!

Tim Jones, Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese 28th May 2021

Join us as we venture into the Fens to meet the Lincolnshire Poacher, a modern classic influenced by Alpine meadows as well as Somerset grasslands that has become one of the county's proudest exports. Tim has selected some limited release Double Barrel Lincolnshire Poacher for us to taste alongside the classic Poacher. For more on Tim and Lincolnshire Poacher, as well as tasting notes from the guide, click on Cheesemaker of the Month above. Come back and buy a cheese pack, at a (not-for-profit) £9.50, it'll be one of the best value hours with friends you can have.