Gimblett Cheese

Artisan, washed rind, cheese from the heart of the Surrey Hills

Floyd is a Haslemere: a soft, washed-rind, cheese from the Surrey Hills. The cheese is produced using milk from a small Jersey herd close to the dairy.

The Gimblett Cheese micro-dairy sits on a wooded, northwest-facing, slope to the north of Haslemere, with a cool and humid climate ideal for the development of Floyd’s unique texture. Moist, but not sticky, the pinkish rind protects a creamy core rich in flavour.

Though it feels like the beginning of a new adventure for us, Gimblett Cheese is a progression – the result of taking a girl who grew up on a farm, and a boy who dreamt of being a chef, letting them have a generation in cheese and wine events, then seeding a desire to create something a little different.

Alongside our cheese making endeavours, we run Taste of the Vine, a corporate events company, and our passion for entertaining audiences with our cheeses is as strong as the one we have for creating it.

We look forward to seeing you at a market, or maybe an event, but however you get hold of Floyd, we hope you enjoy the experience.

Pam and Francis Gimblett.