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AVAILABILITY: The guide is now available on e-readers and will be available as a paperback in bookshops early in 2021 (lockdown permitting).
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Written to assist the Campaign for British Artisan Cheese, Gimblett’s Guide to the Best of British Cheese is a live project. The online version will be updated as changes in the artisan cheese world occur, and the book updated as each fresh batch is printed.

Entries for the guide are only written after on-site interviews with cheesemakers and assessments of cheeses solely made on those provided directly by the producer, as they best intend it to taste.

The guide is a comprehensive account of eighty of Britain’s finest cheesemakers, including cheesemaker biographies and details of over 230 of their cheeses, including tasting notes, vital statistics, drink matches and ratings, with all cheeses photographed.

Please click here for an example entry, posted as Cheesemaker of the Month.

About the author

An innovator in the field of fine tasting experiences, Francis Gimblett has spent over thirty years selling, making, teaching and entertaining with artisan food and drink.

Following training as a chef, Francis became the country’s youngest sommelier at a five-star hotel a year after he was legally entitled to drink. He became head sommelier a year later. After subsequent periods in fine wine broking then winemaking overseas, he formed Taste of the Vine with his wife Pam. The company since staged over 3000 wine, cheese, whisky, ale, cider and other fermentation-based events in 47 countries over 23 years. The passion for cheese overtook others and he and Pam started cheesemaker Gimblett Cheese after two years research and trials. Starting with a washed-rind cheese modelled on the output of ancient monasteries, the couple are now developing a new cheese from an ancient regional recipe to assist knowledge of Britain's heritage styles of cheese.

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