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Tom Calver, Westcombe Dairy Tom Calver, Westcombe Dairy

Tom Calver, Westcombe Dairy 26th June 2020

Join us in the company of one of a handful of cheesemakers remining faithful to the unpasteurised, cloth-bound, Cheddar tradition. A multi-award-winning cornerstone of the British artsian cheese industry, Westcombe produces gems only available to those with the patience to stray into their delicatessens or cheesemongers, or book an online evening!

Britain’s finest cheesemakers are struggling to find their marketplace with restaurants closed and events cancelled.

Book your taster pack below for our not-for-profit online events in the company of some the best of the country’s cheesemakers and their cheeses. As well as a vat-full of entertainment, you'll learn cheese tasting tips, take part in a challenge, learn your cheesemaker's favourite recipes and drink matches, as well as have the opportunity to quiz the creators of curd and, should you wish, purchase your cheese treats directly from them afterwards.