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Sarah Appleby, Appleby's Sarah Appleby, Appleby's
Meet Your Cheesemaker

Sarah Appleby, Appleby's 30th September 2020

The last producer making exclusively unpasteurised, cloth-bound Cheshire Cheese, Appleby's is a cornerstone for the British artisan cheese scene and an important part of the country's heritage.

Join us and learn why this fabulous British classic was once the country's most popular cheese. You'll taste a pair of the country's finest cheeses, discover a little of Cheshire's history, be given a recipe and do a little drink matching with third generation Sarah Appleby.

Britain’s finest cheesemakers are struggling to find their marketplace with restaurants closed and events cancelled.

Book your taster pack below for our not-for-profit online events in the company of some the best of the country’s cheesemakers and their cheeses. As well as a vat-full of entertainment, you'll learn cheese tasting tips, take part in a challenge, learn your cheesemaker's favourite recipes and drink matches, as well as have the opportunity to quiz the creators of curd and, should you wish, purchase your cheese treats directly from them afterwards.

When: 30th September 2020
Time: 6pm-6:45pm

Purchase your sample pack below. You’ll receive two 60g pieces of artisan cheese (enough for the tasting and the recipe), a tasting card and the link to log into the event.

Format: Tasting challenge, recipe, wine matching and light-hearted banter with your cheesemaker.
Distribution: Cheese samples posted to your address.
Meet Your Cheesemaker


  • 60g portions of each of two featured cheeses
  • Tasting card and link to your online show
  • Recipe instructions so you can follow along
  • P&P

Meet Your Cheesemaker - cheese tasting pack: £9.50 inc. VAT per pack

* Packs include generous samples for two guests or smaller portions for up to four.