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Online live events and group and private tasting packs

Meet Your Cheesemaker Events - online & live

To join our Friday night events, just buy a pack and you'll receive it in plenty of time, along with a tasting card, recipe and a link to the show.

These are not-for-profit events to introduce you to our artisan cheesemakers, so no need to buy. If you'd prefer not to have the cheese, you can join for free, go to the contact page and type the event you'd like to join and we'll send a link. Simple!

Private and group tasting packs - virtually-hosted

For individual or group virtual-hosted tastings, simply buy a pack and you'll receive your cheeses and wines, a show video and instructions. Then you just sit back, sip and enjoy!

Live events hosted

For live online events hosted by Francis and the team, please get in touch. 01428 656 319.

Virtually-hosted cheese and wine tasting for individuals

Cheese and Wine Masterclass and Challenge TBC

This fun, virtually-hosted tasting showcases the finest British cheeses and matching international wines in a humour-filled show. Inspired by cheesemaker and wine expert Francis Gimblett’s 100 Cheesemakers in 100 Days road trip and forthcoming book, Gimblett’s Guide to the Best of British Cheese, the experience is engaging, fun and highly interactive.

Meet Your Cheesemaker

Sarah Appleby, Appleby's 30th September 2020

The last producer making exclusively unpasteurised, cloth-bound Cheshire Cheese, Appleby's is a cornerstone for the British artisan cheese scene and an important part of the country's heritage. Join us and learn why this fabulous British classic was once the country's most popular cheese. You'll taste a pair of the country's finest cheeses, discover a little of Cheshire's history, be given a recipe and do a little drink matching with third generation Sarah Appleby.

Cheese Tasting Masterclass with Pam Gimblett of Gimblett Cheese

RegTech Women TBC