Gimblett Cheese

Artisan, washed rind, cheese from the heart of the Surrey Hills

Here are a few pointers for the aspiring Turophile (cheese fancier, or, in our opinion, any balanced human being).

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Cheese and wine matching guide.

Paul Thomas: Dairy Consultancy and training.

With grace, understanding and patience, Paul has tirelessly guided Pam and I over our three year development period, and continues to be the cornerstone of our confidence as cheesemakers.

A little more about Paul:

Paul completed a degree in Biochemistry at the University of Dundee before gaining several years of experience in farmhouse cheese production and affinage.

He now acts as a freelance technical adviser to dairy producers both in the UK and internationally, providing practical support in the solution of technology and hygiene issues. He delivers cheesemaking courses at the School of Artisan Food and River Cottage and is one of five technical experts writing the European Guide to Good Hygiene Practices for the Farmhouse & Artisan Cheesemakers & dairy producers European (FACE) Network - a project funded by the European Commission. He is one of the trainers on the FSA/CIEH course HACCP in speciality cheesemaking for food enforcement officers.

His book on home cheesemaking is available via Amazon.

Paul can be found at: