Gimblett Cheese

Artisan, washed rind, cheese from the heart of the Surrey Hills

I can’t believe it’s been a year! What on earth have Pam and Francis been doing? Not letting me near the PC, that’s for sure. They say they wanted to keep things quiet until there was something to shout about. I think they’re just shy – social media not being their scene; very English and all that. Well, they’re setting themselves up nicely for marketing in the British artisan cheese business. After all, it’s the reason why so much French cheese is eaten here – we’re too reserved to tell anyone about our own.

Anyway, the micro-dairy is built and production has just started, which I suppose is exciting – well, as exciting as waiting to make your first public speech, or daring to walk into a room filled with strangers and shouting ‘What do you think of my new dress!’ ...or, in my case, ‘new rind’. Sometimes I dream I’m on the stall and there I am, rindless, pale and undeveloped, and people are pointing and laughing at me. But enough of my insecurities, I’m told it’s all going to be fine. Pam and Francis have done all the trials, planned the dairy to OCD levels, and have been working closely with industry professionals from day one.

As you can see, they gave me a name: Floyd. They say it’s a family name on Pam’s side, but I can’t believe their choice wasn’t influenced by my pink colour, or even Keith Floyd – Francis went to chef school after watching his shows in the eighties, no doubt thinking all chefs worked with a bottomless glass of fine Burgundy. What do I think of the name? I kind of like it, but to me it’s none of the above, but instead it pays homage to Floyd Pepper, bass player for the Muppets’ Electric Mayhem Band. I came across this picture of a rare encounter online. Floyd is on the left. And, I think, that might be Francis on the right.

Posted in Diary of a cheese (Floyd's beginnings) on Feb 23, 2016